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Since the year 2000 I’ve been staying at NBB twice a year.

After 13 years, I can truly say that NBB is my second home. It’s always a feeling of home-coming that starts taking me over the moment I see the driver waiting for me at the Airport. Not to mention how I feel when I see from distance the characteristic NBB pineapples appear  through the front window of the car!

 What makes NBB so special? Well, first of all the property itself: all room categories are beautifully furnished and well-equipped, with eye for detail. May it be the fresh fruit and sweet smell of fresh flowers being put in my room upon arrival, the Jepun flowers on my bed at night time, the amenities in my bathroom … It all looks beautiful and it gives a true sense of being pampered and indulging yourself in pure luxury.

 The gardens are lush and a true pleasure to walk around, the food quality is superb –no matter which restaurant you choose to have your food & drinks. One of my highlights of the day is to have breakfast at Uluwatu restaurant: the choice of food is exceptional! There is no better way to start the day after my morning yoga on the beach to have breakfast at Uluwatu: overlooking the sea, and enjoying a rich, delicious breakfast.

 But what distinguishes NBB from other hotels: the Staff and Management!

Throughout the years many of these lovely people have become close friends. We always stay in touch, even when I’m back in Holland. Staff & Management is friendly, -genuine friendly!-, more than helpful and always looking for ways to make your stay unforgettable. No matter how busy they are, they always smile and make time for a little chat with their valued guests. Also when it comes to supporting CSR projects NBB makes a difference: they long-term support many, many projects and they have been very supportive towards my personal CSR-project as well. Like always: they do it with a warming smile and true abandon.

 For my job I do travel around the globe all year long, and I stay in many, many hotels.But not one hotel has given me the home-sweet-home feeling that NBB does …

 I hope to spend many, many more memorable stays at NBB.

 Debora Perunicic-Kriger

25 January 2013